Discipline In the Christian Classrooms

Perhaps as many as eight out of every ten teachers who do not return after their first year of teaching drop out because they are unable to control their pupils in the classroom. Discipline ranked as the number one problem in the public schools in 1972 according to a recent Gallup poll. Yet very little […]

Effective Christian Student Outreach Programs

The title of this workshop is “Effective Student Out-Reach Programs.” I believe that every Christian school should implement a variety of outreach programs. Most of our schools are very good at giving students Bible content. In some cities, the local churches have had to develop a two-track Sunday School because of Christian schools. Students from […]

MK Christian schools

Each year thousands of children affectionately called “MKs,” short for “missionaries’ kids,” attend Christian schools scattered throughout exotic places like Vienna, Austria; Nairobi, Kenya; Tokyo, Japan; Quito, Ecuador; Moscow, Russia; and Manila in the Philippines. The parents of these MKs are serving God as foreign missionaries, obeying His command to go and make disciples in […]

Christians Called to Serve

As Christian school educators, we have been called to serve and lead in a culture like the world has never seen — a culture that seems to have turned the world “upside down.” We experience change in the blink of an eye. With world’s population is exploding. In America, student enrollment will soon exceed the […]

Christian Kids Under Construction

The theme for this article is “Kids Under Construction.” And that is exactly what is happening daily Christian schools. Christian school teachers have the privilege and great opportunity of working with the Master Designer in helping to mold children with a Christian world-view. I am reminded of a new lecturer of child behavior who frequently […]