Effective Christian Student Outreach Programs

The title of this workshop is “Effective Student Out-Reach Programs.” I believe that every Christian school should implement a variety of outreach programs. Most of our schools are very good at giving students Bible content. In some cities, the local churches have had to develop a two-track Sunday School because of Christian schools. Students from the Christian schools know a great deal of Bible – often more than their Sunday School teachers! The students from the public schools require a more basic class. That has often meant the need to have two different Sunday School tracks.

We can short-change our students spiritually. Christian schools students have a great amount of Bible content, but often without the reality of putting Bible content into practice. They have it in their heads, but we need to think of creative ways to move it from their heads down into their hearts where it becomes a lifestyle evangelism.

“For we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.” Eph 2:10

Are we giving our elementary students, our junior high students, our high students opportunities to put into practice what we are teaching them in the classrooms?

The Christian school provides a close parallel to the early New Testament Church. In Acts 2:41-47 we find the early New Testament Church busy studying God’s Word, praying, and fellowshipping daily with the result that thousands were added to the Church. The results of Christians studying Scripture together, praying together, and fellowshipping should be an effective out-reach program. The Biblical criteria for such an effective out-reach program certainly exists in Christian schools.

I would like to share ideas for your consideration from some schools which have outreach programs. These projects are from schools that expect their students to be involved in some form of out-reach. Not all of the ideas involve sharing the Gospel message in words. As many students as possible should be utilized in out-reach programs. For Junior and Senior High, a survey form of involvement and interest could be taken, with instructions to the students that they are expected to be involved in some type of out-reach.

Sports Evangelism – Class designed a program that welcomed the visiting team. It listed all the players and told a little about the Christian school. On the back was a gospel track written in sports theme: “Winners Every Time.”
Water Melon Feed – Sports team invites the visiting team to eat watermelon with them after the game. Especially good in the early fall when the weather is warm. The Christian school athletes mingle with the visiting team and get to know them. Some continue on in writing to them throughout the year
Summer Athletic Clinics – Summer clinics put on by student athletes for younger children. Fundamentals of a particular sport are taught, but each session is ended with, or has some place during the session, an opportunity to share the Word of God with the students participating in the clinic.
Missionary Projects – Various missionaries are assigned to individual grades, and it becomes the responsibility of the teacher within that grade to see that the country, the people, etc., are studied in depth in the classroom. The students then take on projects of certain needs the missionaries might have, corresponding with the missionaries, etc.
Music & Drama Teams – Various types of ensembles, musical groups, along with Gospel drama teams, can minister in local churches as well as service groups in the area covered by the school. Notify city officials that these groups are available for civic affairs, luncheon clubs, etc.
Nursing Home Visitation – Nursing homes can be visited on a regular basis, allowing students to read, sew, make things for the residents, and offers a tremendous opportunity for students to give of themselves, and meet a real need that exists in the lives of these folks in nursing homes. Students can also learn history from a personal perspective. Some nursing homes are church-related and have retired missionaries that are highly esteemed in their adopted countries.
Thrift Shop – This unique ministry meets the physical needs of people and has opportunities to minister in a spiritual way. There is also a financial benefit to the school. City missions, shelters, etc. are given clothes as a definite out-reach.
Rescue Missions – Students can volunteer in the kitchens and serving lines. Testimonies and singing are also a natural.
Child Evangelism –
Hospital Volunteer Program –
Rallies Involving Public School Students –
Exchange Programs with Public Schools –
Sunday School Helpers – Your Christian school students can use their knowledge of the

Scriptures to help in Sunday Schools.
Panels for Wednesday & Sunday Night Services – Young people can go into churches that are not their own and answer questions on key issues facing teenagers and parents.
High School Tutoring Elementary Students
Senior Citizen Week – Students give a certain portion of their time to help do work around the homes of senior citizens.
Christian Radio Youth Forums – This is an opportunity for students to respond to issues of the day over radio, encouraging call-ins, etc.
Campus Life Clubs – working with Youth For Christ, students can be a witness to public schools.
FAST (Fight Against Starvation Today) – is a group sponsored by World Vision, dealing with the starvation problems around the world. Students could do without one lunch per week, giving the money the lunch would have cost toward meeting the starvation problems around the world.
Summer Missionary Trips –
Gospel Job Squad – Students can be involved in clean-up or salvage operations for families in the community that have experienced a tragedy.
Bible Quiz Teams
Sign Language Training – Students can participate in churches, hospitals, etc., in communicating the Gospel to the deaf.
Letter Ministry – To the lonely, to questioning teens, giving Christian viewpoints on laws and issues.
City Mission Monthly Service
Neighborhood Summer Programs – Recreation, Character Building, Bible studies, Cheerleading and Athletic Camps, Pocket Testament League, Child Evangelism Fellowship, etc.
Class Projects – Class participation in such projects as World Vision International Love Loaf Ministry, etc., extends the young people’s vision of the needs around the world.

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